APPFIGURES: Ongoing impactful media coverage

In the summer of 2014, appFigures engaged with us to help successfully “re-introduce” the company into the U.S. marketplace.

Key goals were to establish credibility and secure positive opinion among key press and industry influencers covering/talking about app analytics, grow brand awareness of appFigures amongst key target audiences (app developers, publishers, communications agencies, the media, analysts and industry influencers) and drive user adoption of the appFigures reporting platform.

In order to achieve these goals, we recommended a strategic mix of PR tactics that would allow appFigures to achieve highly impactful coverage. These include:

  • Educate the press and ultimately target audiences about key differentiating factors from potential competitors, both direct and indirect
  • Develop creative pitches and other news hooks to pique media interest
  • Develop and execute a Thought Leadership program that positions appFigures execs as leading resources for info and trends on app analytics, measurement, industry insights, revenue estimates, etc.
  • Maintain a constant drumbeat of news, awareness and positive media coverage for appFigures

On an on-going basis, we continue to secure massive media coverage for appFigures. Some of the outlets include: TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, ChipChick, GeekWire, FierceDeveloper, + 9to5Google.com, AdWeek, AndroidAuthority.com, AndroidCommunity, Business Insider, CIO.com, AppAdvice, Cult of Mac, Gamezebo.com, Investor’s Business Daily, PocketGamer.biz, WIRED and many more!

KICKSTARTER SUCCESS: 1964ADEL – Earphones that save your hearing and your music

In Q4 2014, Asius Technologies and 1964Ears joined forces to create 1964│ADEL, a line of personal earbuds and professional in-ear monitors. However, in order to bring these products to life, 1964│ADEL needed to run a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

We worked closely with these two companies, not only to develop a strategic plan of attack to connect with its current “social capital,” but to also develop an additional database of consumers that might be interested in the 1964│ADEL lineup. The strategy was so successful that we surpassed the critical 30% funding goal mark in the first day!

At launch, we were also highly successful in achieving impactful media exposure in outlets such as CNBC’s “TechCrowd,” VentureBeat, AskMen.com, DigitalTrends.com, WhatHiFi.com, Slashgear.com, TheHeadPhoneList.com, Agence France Presse (AFP) and many more.

Funding goal $200,000 / Amount raised $648,691 / 324% funded!!

For more info, check out:
RealLoud Technology That Saves-Your-Hearing-and-Your Music

KICKSTARTER SUCCESS: OWNPHONES – World’s first wireless, custom fit 3D printed earbuds

In early summer 2014, OwnPhones engaged with us to help it create and execute a Kickstarter campaign. With no “social capital” to rely on, LaunchPad immediately recognized that, in order to have success, it was going to be critical to develop this essential component for a successful crowdfunding effort.

Via an intense pre-marketing strategy, we set media appointments and released information about the product and campaign WAY in advance to create anticipation. We also executed social marketing strategies geared towards identifying and engaging target audiences who could support the campaign. The end goal was to capture their information in order to fully market to them and drive funding once the campaign was live. We were able to achieve almost 40% the funding goal in the first 48 hours because of this!

On the media coverage front, reception for the OwnPhones campaign was out of this world! We garnered coverage in some of the following outlets: CNET, CNBC’s “TechCrowd,” AskMen.com, FOX Business News, Yahoo! Tech with David Pogue, 3DPrinterWorld.com, GizMag.com, DigitalTrends.com, BGR.com, LaptopMag.com, TechnologyTell.com, WirelessWeek and many more!

Funding goal $250,000 / Amount raised $767,472 / 307% funded!!

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OwnPhones: Wireless, Custom-Fit, 3D Printed Earbuds

INDIEGOGO SUCCESS: ZCAN WIRELESS – World’s first wireless scanner mouse

In the summer of 2014, Systech engaged us to provide strategic counsel on its efforts to develop needed elements for the ZCAN Wireless Indiegogo page, including messaging, video script and video, campaign page text and graphics as well as rewards.

Equally, our team was tasked with securing major media coverage. To assist in getting this coverage, a product review program was implemented with key media using the company’s current “wired” version of the product. This element of the program allowed media to test the technology behind the product.

As a results of our efforts, we successfully secured media coverage in the following outlets: CNET, TechnologyTell, Ubergizmo.com, CNBC’s “TechCrowd,” ThisMobileLife, Gadgetify.com, Technocrazed.com and many more!

Funding goal $30,000 / Amount raised $123,911 / 376% of the funding goal reached!!

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Zcan Wireless – World’s 1st Wireless Scanner Mouse

JUMPSTARTFUND: Massive media exposure for a highly successful launch

In the summer and fall of 2013, JumpStartFund, a crowd-powered portal for startups that combines elements of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, needed massive exposure to facilitate, not only its launch, but their first major project – the Hyperloop concept (yes, the futuristic idea from Elon Musk!) Immediately, we began working with JumpStartFund to hone messaging, developed the necessary media materials and then secured coverage that created buzz and drove interest in the platform.

As JumpStartFund was an unknown entity at the time, our goal was to help them achieve the credibility and exposure needed to succeed in an extremely competitive market (ie: many other crowdfunding platforms out there). We supported their launch with a comprehensive public relations program with executive interviews that successfully generated media coverage in tech, crowdfunding and mainstream consumer press, ultimately helping to create massive awareness amongst target consumers in North America and around the world.

A sampling of these includes:

VentureBeat, GigaOM, ABC News, Associated Press, Huffington Post, Discover Magazine, SF Chronical, NBC News, FOX News, CNET, Forbes, Mashable, PandoDaily, TheVerge, and many, many more!

INDIEGOGO SUCCESS: BREATHOMETER – World’s first smartphone breathalyzer

In Q1 2013, Breathometer wanted to secure press coverage and exposure for the company’s upcoming “smartphone breathalyzer” Indiegogo campaign. While other smartphone breathalyzers had been announced in 2012, none had secured mainstream awareness. Therefore, the market was still open for Breathometer to secure a leadership position and be viewed by the public and the media as the “de facto standard” in the category. The main objective of the launch campaign was to secure awareness for the product and drive consumers to Indiegogo to pledge their money/support for the product. The additional funding was earmarked to help Breathometer complete the product and ship in fall 2013.

Media coverage secured for the Breathometer campaign included outlets such as CNET, Gizmodo, Engadget, Mashable, LA Times, CBS News, MSN, Venturebeat and many, many more!

Funding goal: $25,000 / Amount raised: $138,377 / 554% funded!!

For more info, check out:
Breathometer-World’s First Smartphone Breathalyzer

KICKSTARTER SUCCESS: ALMOND+ Long-range touchscreen WiFi router + SmartHome hub

In Q1 2013, Securifi needed to secure press coverage and exposure for the company’s upcoming Almond+ 802.11ac Touchscreen Wi-Fi Router + Smart home Hub product launch. The campaign was divided into two parts: 1) Product previews with key press at the International CES in Las Vegas, NV and 2) A Kickstarter PR campaign.

The main objective of the overall campaign was to secure awareness for the product and drive consumers to Kickstarter to pledge their money/support for the development of the product. The additional funding was earmarked to help Securifi complete the product and ship in fall 2013.

Media Coverage for the Almond+ Kickstarter campaign appeared in outlets such as TechCrunch, Engadget, AnandTech.com, PCMag.com, CEPro, DigitalTrends, Slashgear and many, many more!

Funding Goal: $250,000 / Amount Raised: $855,625 / 342% funded!!

For more info, check out:
Almond+ : Long-Range Touchscreen WiFi Router + SmartHome Hub

MINO MONSTERS: Creating the next Pokémon

Mino Monsters engaged with us to handle their public relations efforts for the launch of its monster battle and trading game for iPhone. A HUGE aspect of the PR campaign surrounded the story of the company’s founders (both young/Y Combinator success / former Zynga product mgr.) and secured funding from a well-known VC for the development of the game. In order to achieve the goals set forth for the campaign, we planned and executed a highly successful media tour in San Francisco, CA, visiting with all key business, financial and consumer tech press to secure coverage of the funding and launch of the game.

In fact, it was so successful, the founders we featured in the S.F. Chronicle, front page of the business section! Other coverage received included: TechCrunch, Forbes, Dow Jones, BusinessWeek, AllThingsD, WSJ, USA Today, 148Apps, AppAdvice, Appolicious, IGN, PocketGamer, SlideToPlay, TouchArcade and many more!

Ultimately, this translated to a highly successful launch, creating massive awareness and downloads of the game.

VOODOOPC: Shattering long standing perceptions about PCs

VoodooPC engaged our company to increase press coverage for its elite line of desktop and notebook PCs.  While Voodoo’s brand recognition within the PC enthusiast community was strong, it lacked the same brand influence amongst mainstream consumers.  Our main purpose was to position VoodooPC as the leading manufacturer of high-end gaming and consumer PCs and achieve the credibility and exposure it needed to succeed in an extremely competitive market.

The campaign for VoodooPC shattered long standing perceptions about PCs, ultimately presenting VoodooPC as something revolutionary in a market of ordinary products. VoodooPC products received massive enthusiast, consumer and business press exposure, appearing in numerous product roundups, one-off reviews and were featured on a variety of TV segments, including Live with Regis & Kelly and Good Morning America.  The increased media exposure and consumer awareness was also a factor in VoodooPC’s eventual acquisition by Hewlett Packard.