INDIEGOGO SUCCESS: BREATHOMETER – World’s first smartphone breathalyzer

In Q1 2013, Breathometer wanted to secure press coverage and exposure for the company’s upcoming “smartphone breathalyzer” Indiegogo campaign. While other smartphone breathalyzers had been announced in 2012, none had secured mainstream awareness. Therefore, the market was still open for Breathometer to secure a leadership position and be viewed by the public and the media as the “de facto standard” in the category. The main objective of the launch campaign was to secure awareness for the product and drive consumers to Indiegogo to pledge their money/support for the product. The additional funding was earmarked to help Breathometer complete the product and ship in fall 2013.

Media coverage secured for the Breathometer campaign included outlets such as CNET, Gizmodo, Engadget, Mashable, LA Times, CBS News, MSN, Venturebeat and many, many more!

Funding goal: $25,000 / Amount raised: $138,377 / 554% funded!!

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