JUMPSTARTFUND: Massive media exposure for a highly successful launch

In the summer and fall of 2013, JumpStartFund, a crowd-powered portal for startups that combines elements of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, needed massive exposure to facilitate, not only its launch, but their first major project – the Hyperloop concept (yes, the futuristic idea from Elon Musk!) Immediately, we began working with JumpStartFund to hone messaging, developed the necessary media materials and then secured coverage that created buzz and drove interest in the platform.

As JumpStartFund was an unknown entity at the time, our goal was to help them achieve the credibility and exposure needed to succeed in an extremely competitive market (ie: many other crowdfunding platforms out there). We supported their launch with a comprehensive public relations program with executive interviews that successfully generated media coverage in tech, crowdfunding and mainstream consumer press, ultimately helping to create massive awareness amongst target consumers in North America and around the world.

A sampling of these includes:

VentureBeat, GigaOM, ABC News, Associated Press, Huffington Post, Discover Magazine, SF Chronical, NBC News, FOX News, CNET, Forbes, Mashable, PandoDaily, TheVerge, and many, many more!