KICKSTARTER SUCCESS: 1964ADEL – Earphones that save your hearing and your music

In Q4 2014, Asius Technologies and 1964Ears joined forces to create 1964│ADEL, a line of personal earbuds and professional in-ear monitors. However, in order to bring these products to life, 1964│ADEL needed to run a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

We worked closely with these two companies, not only to develop a strategic plan of attack to connect with its current “social capital,” but to also develop an additional database of consumers that might be interested in the 1964│ADEL lineup. The strategy was so successful that we surpassed the critical 30% funding goal mark in the first day!

At launch, we were also highly successful in achieving impactful media exposure in outlets such as CNBC’s “TechCrowd,” VentureBeat, AskMen.com, DigitalTrends.com, WhatHiFi.com, Slashgear.com, TheHeadPhoneList.com, Agence France Presse (AFP) and many more.

Funding goal $200,000 / Amount raised $648,691 / 324% funded!!

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