KICKSTARTER SUCCESS: ALMOND+ Long-range touchscreen WiFi router + SmartHome hub

In Q1 2013, Securifi needed to secure press coverage and exposure for the company’s upcoming Almond+ 802.11ac Touchscreen Wi-Fi Router + Smart home Hub product launch. The campaign was divided into two parts: 1) Product previews with key press at the International CES in Las Vegas, NV and 2) A Kickstarter PR campaign.

The main objective of the overall campaign was to secure awareness for the product and drive consumers to Kickstarter to pledge their money/support for the development of the product. The additional funding was earmarked to help Securifi complete the product and ship in fall 2013.

Media Coverage for the Almond+ Kickstarter campaign appeared in outlets such as TechCrunch, Engadget, AnandTech.com, PCMag.com, CEPro, DigitalTrends, Slashgear and many, many more!

Funding Goal: $250,000 / Amount Raised: $855,625 / 342% funded!!

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Almond+ : Long-Range Touchscreen WiFi Router + SmartHome Hub