VOODOOPC: Shattering long standing perceptions about PCs

VoodooPC engaged our company to increase press coverage for its elite line of desktop and notebook PCs.  While Voodoo’s brand recognition within the PC enthusiast community was strong, it lacked the same brand influence amongst mainstream consumers.  Our main purpose was to position VoodooPC as the leading manufacturer of high-end gaming and consumer PCs and achieve the credibility and exposure it needed to succeed in an extremely competitive market.

The campaign for VoodooPC shattered long standing perceptions about PCs, ultimately presenting VoodooPC as something revolutionary in a market of ordinary products. VoodooPC products received massive enthusiast, consumer and business press exposure, appearing in numerous product roundups, one-off reviews and were featured on a variety of TV segments, including Live with Regis & Kelly and Good Morning America.  The increased media exposure and consumer awareness was also a factor in VoodooPC’s eventual acquisition by Hewlett Packard.