Blast-Off Pre-Marketing Program

An Exclusive, Viral Engineered Turnkey Solution for Innovative Startups to Ignite Success and Fuel Results for Your Launch.

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Why Pre-Marketing?

Pre-marketing is critical for successfully launching your product, brand or service since it refines your messaging, establishes social capital, builds a community of early fans and creates brand awareness. If you've ever wondered how some launches gain huge amounts of users, sales orders, or exceed their crowdfunding goal by 10X - it's their pre-launch game that made the difference.


The Solution

At LaunchPad, we’ve run hundreds of successful launch campaigns and so we know what works and what doesn’t. As a result, we are now introducing a unique first of its kind all-inclusive pre-marketing launch package.

The Blast-Off program is an innovative, turnkey, fully integrated, viral advocacy solution designed for innovative startups to rapidly grow highly targeted email leads, drive awareness, fuel social buzz and mobilize an army of engaged fans that converts at a great ROI.

Blast-Off Pre-Marketing Program Includes:

Fully integrated, turnkey solution

Fully integrated, turnkey solution

Highly targeted, cost effective leads

Highly targeted, cost effective leads

Real-time campaign optimization

Real-time campaign optimization

Laser targeted advertising to deliver best ROI

Laser targeted advertising to deliver best ROI

Campaign success manager, team support

Campaign success manager, team support

Landing page - optimized for conversion

Landing page - optimized for conversion

Community page - optimized for activation

Community page - optimized for activation

Email marketing, automation, and copy

Email marketing, automation and copy

Pre-Marketing Success

Build community and social media buzz

Creating a community of socially engaged fans is essential to gaining campaign momentum and achieving the critical milestone of 30% funding in the first 48 hours. By building a community of 1964ADEL fans prior to launch, we were able to surpass all campaign goals within the first day to achieve ultimate campaign success of $648,691 in funding!

Create massive awareness and viral growth

SUCCESS! By seeding the market during the pre-marketing phase, the Modobag crowdfunding campaign quickly gained massive exposure surpassing the funding goal by 664% and the campaign video went fully viral, achieving 78 million views, 1.4M shares, 575K Likes and over 180K Comments!

Key Benefits

Fully integrated, turnkey solution

Don’t worry about learning how to run a successful campaign on the fly and spending countless hours A/B testing experiments to figure out the best tools, design, incentives and messaging for maximal effectiveness.

High quality, cost effective leads

Our strategy is not only to identify the best target audience (at the best cost) and deliver them the most compelling experience to convert later, it is also for them to be educated, engaged and motivated as fan advocates.

Proven experience, optimized funnel

We’ve seen hundreds of campaigns first-hand and we know what works and what doesn’t, what might make sense for your particular situation and the best approach to share your brand’s authentic story most compellingly.

Superior ROI, maximum value

Last but not least, we are committed to deliver superior return on your financial and team resources in everything we do from having the best technology, volume discounts, quality focus and data-driven process.

Blast-Off is Perfect For

Package Types

Our Blast-Off packages are value priced and fully inclusive, utilizing the best marketing technology providers and services, so there are never any extra costs. Packages are designed to meet your budget while delivering a massive boost of social capital, acquiring lots of high quality email leads, and cultivating an engaged fan community that is eagerly waiting to convert on your launch day.

Ignite Launch Accelerate
Includes Advertising Spend with Estimated Leads 5000+ Leads* 10,000+ Leads* 15,000+ Leads*
Campaign Manager, Strategy and Counsel For 4 weeks For 6 weeks For 8 weeks
Landing Page Design and Development
Marketing Materials Creation
Targeted Social Ad Campaign: Design, Copy, and Optimization
Targeted Email Campaign
Weekly Calls
Communication Calendar for Social Capital
Community Outreach, Building, and Engagement Marketing
$12,650 $22,500 $31,750

* Expected leads are only estimated and will vary by campaign based on a variety of factors. See FAQ's below.

Additional services available, such as larger advertising spend, custom marketing solutions, and full services offerings that include PR, social media, influencer marketing, marketing material development, product/lifestyle photography and more.

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What our clients say about us

LaunchPad executed an unbelievable viral campaign by getting us MASSIVE media coverage and delivering THE perfect mix of digital and influencer marketing. On top of that, our campaign video went viral with over 77 million views, 1.4 million shares, 180K comments and 574K likes on Facebook. We are in awe!

Kevin O'Donnell

CEO & Founder, Modobag.

“LaunchPad’s proactive approach, creative storytelling and solid relationships throughout the editorial community have, time and time again, garnered major media coverage for Unikrn. It's not easy to land hits in the NY Times, Forbes, Wired, Kotaku, VICE, ESPN the Magazine, etc., but they have a knack for making it happen!”

Rahul Sood

CEO & Co-Founder, Unikrn

“LaunchPad’s integrated methodology proved to be the difference in the success of our crowdfunding efforts. Working with the LaunchPad team was a blessing – they delivered an unparalleled return on investment and is the best marketing dollars we have ever spent.”

Itamar Jobani

CEO & Founder, OwnPhones

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Our Portfolio

Our team has done a lot of great work over the years. Here are some clients we’re proud to have worked with:

About LaunchPad

Located in Playa Vista, CA, LaunchPad is one of the nation's leading growth marketing agencies. Specializing in executing successful campaigns for its clients to accelerate their strategic business goals, Launchpad orchestrates the 360-degrees of services needed for new and growing companies from product, brand and service launches to market expansion, brand awareness and scaling revenue.

The Agency’s results-oriented focus includes: crowdfunding, product launches, advocate marketing, influencer marketing, digital marketing, funnel optimization, creative sales driven design, lead generation, content communications, market leadership, investor fundraising, social media and public relations.


What is required to apply?

Application requirements are: 1) have a functioning prototype, 2) launch is within a 90-day window, 3) have the necessary art assets (logo, high res product shots and lifestyle images).

Will this program work for me?

If you’re launching something innovative and answered “yes” to the above questions, then our Blast Off Pre-Marketing Program will help you to build the needed ground swell of interest prior to your launch.

How many leads can I expect?

The amount of leads will vary by package and your product’s reception by the marketplace. The numbers quoted are estimates only.

How qualified are the leads?

We can micro target your audiences by interest, behavior, location, age, gender, etc. And, we have the capability of touching hundreds of thousands of targeted Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers. So the leads we deliver are actual people that would be interested in your product or service.

Are there any additional costs?

No. All costs are included in the package price.

Do I keep the emails at the end of the pre-marketing campaign?

Yes. You will own the email database, adding perpetual value to your post-campaign marketing efforts.

Why should I engage with your firm rather than handling pre-marketing internally?

LaunchPad has built proprietary tools and databases that allow us to promote your product to an incredibly defined, high-value audience. By combining these tools with decades of experience from our marketing team, LaunchPad is able to generate leads at a much lower cost which results in a higher average ROI and campaign success rate.

What kind of landing page do you use?

We have developed highly optimized landing pages integrated into our proprietary platform to give you the best ROI. However, if you really want to use your landing page or connect your site to feed into the campaign we can work with you on this.