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The LaunchPad Agency is a Leading Public Relations & Digital Marketing Firm


We specialize in launching omnichannel campaigns that strategically blend digital marketing and PR activities to skyrocket sales for products, platforms, software, apps, games and more in the marketplace.

From lead generation, user acquisition and brand awareness to crowdfunding, product launches and market expansion, we leverage our deep expertise and proven formula of growth success to coordinate impactful marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Our focus areas include: go-to-market, product marketing, new product launches, integrated campaigns, PPC advertising, AI integration, CRO, digital marketing, social media, inbound/outbound marketing, SEO/SEM, creative design, video, photography, copywriting, content marketing, influencer communities and public relations.



Deep experience and expertise:

We’ve worked on many campaigns, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Proven formula driven model:

We’ve developed a proprietary model for amplifying campaign success.

Employ cutting edge tools:

We test, validate and experiment using the latest technology and tools.

Coordinated and integrated approach:

We offer a unique approach that integrates own, paid and earned media.

Track record of success:

We consistently achieve massive awareness to drive campaign objectives.



Integrated Campaigns

Our integrated approach strategically blends the perfect mix of PR, Digital Marketing and Social Media activities to exceed your goals and deliver results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our experience streamlining conversion funnels will ensure your prospective customers convert to a lead or sale at the best possible ROAS.

Creative Design

Content is king and video is king of that content. Our design, photography and video team will take the time to understand your customer avatars and create custom branded assets that will pique interest and create action.

Advocate Marketing

We use a variety of techniques to ensure that happy customers voice their experience with your brand in a loud and active way, helping to secure future customers with progressive ease.

Lead Generation

We strategically employ the latest tactics and tools to generate a high level of quality traffic that will convert into sales.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing campaigns target high value sets of users that are prompted to action with the goal of converting to either sale or signup.

Content Marketing

At LaunchPad we put a heavy emphasis on creating high-quality, valuable content. But we don't stop there. Our integrated marketing approach allows us to distribute content over several channels so your target audiences are engaged with multiple touch points that encourage them to take action.

PPC Advertising

Unlock your market potential with our precision-driven PPC advertising strategies, designed to deliver measurable results and maximize ROI.

Thought Leadership

Our highly experienced PR team will leverage their knowledge, connections and media relationships to help establish our clients as industry thought leaders and recognized as a go-to authority in their field.

Market Growth and Expansion

After launch, we use a bevy of tools to ensure that your brand continues to make inroads in your given vertical, acquiring new customers in an aggressive manner.

Media Tours, Trade Shows and Events

Our background in traditional forms of marketing is also very robust. We have the capabilities of arranging a number of real world promotional events to build brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Our fluency across social media platforms and pulse on cultural trends positions us to greatly expand the current reach of your social presence.

Influencer Marketing

Our team will create long-term relationships within the influencer community with the goal of generating high-impact conversations from a trusted authority that will build loyal customers.

Deep Media Relationship

Our highly experienced and senior PR team has the deep media relationships needed to get your story in front of the right press and the skill set to craft pitches that will pique their interest.

Launch Strategy / Business Consulting

Our expertise launching and growing brands helps us to develop effective marketing strategies that increase business development well into a company’s lifecycle. We often work with our clients from brand infancy well into maturation, advising from launch to exit.

Fantastic quality marketing agency! LaunchPad does a great job at focusing on the small details that can really make or break your marketing or crowdfunding campaign. Highly recommend!

David Akerman Inventor of WonderSpray

Sean, Glenn and Sarah are studs! Loved working with them and the rest of the team at The LaunchPad Agency through our 6-month tenure. Huge leaps in experience for anyone who is looking to launch their product to the world.


Victor Chor Co-founder of InfinaCore

“We could not have been happier with how this relationship turned out! The results were night and day when compared with the other agency we hired and we cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help make our campaign such a huge success (just wish we went with you guys from the start!).”

Aaron Shapiro CEO and Co-Founder, Graff Golf

“LaunchPad executed an unbelievable viral campaign by getting us MASSIVE media coverage and delivering THE perfect mix of digital and influencer marketing. On top of that, our campaign video went viral with over 95 million views, 1.4 million shares, 180K comments and 575K likes on Facebook. We are in awe!”

Kevin O’Donnell CEO & Founder, Modobag

“LaunchPad’s proactive approach, creative storytelling and solid relationships throughout the editorial community have, time and time again, garnered major media coverage for Unikrn. It’s not easy to land hits in the NY Times, Forbes, Wired, Kotaku, VICE, ESPN the Magazine, etc., but they have a knack for making it happen!”

Rahul Sood CEO & Co-Founder, Unikrn

“LaunchPad’s integrated methodology proved to be the difference in the success of our crowdfunding efforts. Working with the LaunchPad team was a blessing – they delivered an unparalleled return on investment and is the best marketing dollars we have ever spent.”

Itamar Jobani CEO & Founder, OwnPhones

“I’ve run a number of different campaigns over the years, from simple product launches to massive go-to-market efforts.  Because of this, I’ve worked with a few different agencies, however none of them have come close to delivering the integrated campaigns and great results I was hoping for…LaunchPad is truly one of the best at this and I highly recommend them.”

Adam Anderson CEO & Founder, cnct


Our team has done a lot of great work over the years for clients past and present. Here are just some of the companies we’re proud to have worked with...

1964Adel logo - possibly a company or brand name
Codemasters logo - video game development company
FannyWangz logo - fashion brand
Intec logo - technology solutions provider
Microsoft logo - technology giant
Pebby logo - a colorful pet toy brand
Purina logo - pet food brand
Q2ebanking logo - banking solutions provider
Title graphic - Launchpad Agency's title
Ubisoft logo - video game developer and publisher


Please find below some of the amazing partners we work with on a regular basis. Not only do they provide specialized industry expertise, but they also help to amplify the services we provide to our clients.

Sprint Sprint crowdfunders’ fund is aimed at supporting startups engaged in crowdfunding through various financial instruments in a fast and smart manner through top experts in the industry. Floship Floship is a tech-powered e-commerce order fulfillment provider offering award-winning, fully automated fulfillment software that integrates seamlessly with leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce. Floship furthermore specializes in crowdfunding fulfillment, having fulfilled more crowdfunding campaigns than any other fulfillment provider in the world. Their crowdfunding fulfillment solution integrates directly with Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Currently running a campaign and in need of a fulfillment solution to get the rewards to your backers? Search no further. Contact Floship for a free consultation. Wild Horse Labs Wild Horse Labs is an international investment accelerator which mentors startups to attract investments and create successful exits. Crowdcheck Crowdcheck provides due diligence, disclosure and compliance for online capital formation. Stradling Stradling provides a wide range of legal services, from corporate transactions, securities and complex business litigation, tax, intellectual property, employment, real estate, public law and municipal finance. Brand Hut Brand Hut helps nurture brands, achieving optimum product category rank and page rank on Google and Amazon. The Bellow Group The Bellow Group was established to assist US and Asian Manufacturers in developing sales, marketing and product development strategies that will lead to profitable sales growth. Indiegogo Indiegogo is a premier crowdfunding platform known for launching innovative products and businesses worldwide. IBM Global Entrepreneur IBM Global Entrepreneur equips you with the go-to-market support, business mentorship, services, discounts, technical guidance and networking opportunities needed to quickly bring your solution to market fast on the industry leading Cloud platform. Startup Socials Startup Socials is a global community of entrepreneurs that connects and empowers professionals working in the startup ecosystem. Techstars Techstars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator and venture fund. Runway Runway provides coworking space to entrepreneurs, accelerator programs for high-growth startups, corporate innovation services to global companies and event programming. Enterprise Singapore Enterprise Singapore is the Singaporean government agency promoting international trade and partnering Singapore based companies in going global. Easyship Easyship is the world’s leading cloud-based shipping technology platform that helps eCommerce merchants ship their products globally. As a user-centric product, Easyship has helped to simplify the complex world of cross-border logistics for more than 40,000 clients worldwide; with exclusive rates from leading couriers, on-demand pickup requests, and a dashboard to track every shipment, we've got your logistics operations covered from checkout to delivery. TECHSPACELA TECHSPACELA specializes in working with Tech companies by helping them secure great deals on office space. They have a very strong presence in LA with all VC funds such as Thrive Market, Kin Community, Line Corp, Oblong Industries, etc. They often find the best office locations before they ever hit the market and are THE perfect team for helping with all of your office space needs. WeWork WeWork is a leading co-working space that transforms buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces. With a vibrant startup community, they empower creators to achieve. Retailbound Unlike many agencies, Retailbound has been on both sides of the retail buyer’s desk and has helped thousands of product entrepreneurs be successful in retail.
Retailbound provides 1-on-1 retail coaching, retail consulting, and channel sales management services for new and innovative start-ups who are looking to transition from a crowdfunded product to a retail ready product.
Make in LA Early stage accelerator and fund building the epicenter of hardware entrepreneurship in Southern California. Kickstarter Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. To date, tens of thousands of creative projects — big and small — have come to life with the support of the Kickstarter community. Newegg Inc Newegg Inc. is an online retailer of items including computer hardware and consumer electronics


We are a driven team of marketing creatives, social strategists and media mavericks who love helping innovative companies launch their products and services into the US marketplace.

Our passion? To bring together all the resources, marketing know-how, powerful media relationships and strategic partners needed for our clients to achieve success. With a wide range of integrated PR & Marketing services and in-depth knowledge of the crowdfunding ecosystem, our 360-degree approach has you covered.

Team Members

Sean Angus

Sean Angus

President & Co-Founder

Glenn Mandel

Glenn Mandel

VP Media Relations

Alexandra Skillman

Alexandra Skillman

Sr. Account Director

Julie Michelle

Julie Michelle

Creative Director

Sarah Levin

Sarah Levin

Campaign Director

Brian Fitzgerald

Brian Fitzgerald

Sr. Account Director

Brandy Fiechter

Brandy Fiechter

Sr. Account Director - Interactive Entertainment

Heather Ripkowski

Heather Ripkowski

Campaign Manager

Mohammed Akram

Mohammed Akram

Advertising Specialist

Daniel Hrebenak

Daniel Hrebenak

Digital Marketing Manager

Mike Cooley

Mike Cooley

Executive Producer, Video Creative

Alex Tostado

Alex Tostado

Image Creator & Photographer

David Johnson

David Johnson

Copy Writer

Naya Taylor

Naya Taylor

Marketing Associate

Steve Graff

Steve Graff

Director of Analytics

Josh Dominquez

Josh Dominquez

Ad Specialist


James Little

James Little

The LaunchPad Agency

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Founder & Principal
Wild Horse Labs

Robin Lee

Robin Lee

Robin Lee Venture Consulting

Sara Hanks

Sara Hanks

Co-Founder & CEO


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