90% of New Product Launches Fail. Learn These Tricks to Catapult you to Success.

So you’ve created your world-changing product…now what? Many startups expect success overnight, which can lead to the downfall of many new product launches. At The LaunchPad Agency, we have launched hundreds of campaigns over the years and have developed battle-tested strategies and tactics that skyrocket our clients to success! Here are some need-to-know tips on launching a new product, game, platform, or mobile app


Custom design a product landing page with a strong call-to-action

It may seem simple, but a landing page is where a lot of the product launch magic happens. It will serve as the digital home for your product and the go-to resource for product information. As a part of product launch strategies, landing pages are also an important way to capture leads and generate interest!

We follow the AIDA approach – grab the reader’s Attention, generate Interest, create Desire, and then hit them with a strong call to Action.

To increase sign-ups, make your call-to-action clear. 


Design your messaging to appeal to your target audience

When you are launching a new product, game, platform, or app, it is important to market your message to the right group of people, the ones that will buy your product. You may only have a shopper’s attention for a few seconds so make sure that your message is clear, simple, and unique. It is also worth mentioning here that customers don’t buy features, they buy solutions. 

While developing product launch strategies at LaunchPad, we do a deep dive into our client’s key product messaging with lots of research, messaging workshops, and internal ideation meetings. Developing content that resonates with your target audiences is critical to success as you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Elements of a good positioning statement for product marketing usually include: 


Leverage the power of video

Content is king, and video is king of that content. Video has been proven as a crucial part of the decision-making process for customers and a key component in a product launch strategy. A good, professional-quality marketing video could mean an increase in conversion rates for your product sales. 

As mentioned above, you may only have a prospective customer’s attention for a few seconds so make sure that your message is conveyed within the first 30 seconds of the video. Stats show 60% of the people drop after the first 30 seconds.

Typically, product video starts with the problem, introduces your product as the solution, and ends with a call to action. However, there are many creative ways our team can spin the story to capture the attention of our client’s potential customers when launching a new product. 


The benefit of digital advertising

Facebook and Instagram have proven to be top platforms to advertise on while increasing customer engagement, ultimately driving product sales. According to Statista, Facebook had more than 2.6 billion users worldwide as of July 2020. The ability to target your specific market audience can result in unlimited opportunities for product marketing. The importance of a focused e-commerce program is essential towards establishing brand awareness, developing positive word-of-mouth, and gives you the power to grow online sales. 


Product PR and reviews to boost your brand

PR is imperative to growing brand awareness and implementing your product launch strategy successfully. Bringing your brand’s story to life authentically and genuinely can help establish strong relationships with your customer base. Unlike advertising, PR can create depth and personality for your brand, especially during new product launches

Audience is key and PR can help you determine what type of target audience is engaging with you and connecting with your brand’s story. Recognizing your target audience will allow you to design effective product marketing strategies with key messages that will resonate with them, promoting relationships to ultimately drive sales. 

Customer-generated content, such as reviews, provides a huge advantage before officially launching a new product. By offering product testing in exchange for feedback, it allows you to establish stronger ties with your customers, get critical feedback that you need from a broader audience beyond your targeted audience, and you can collect influential reviews that can be posted publicly. Studies show that customers are much more likely to purchase a product with an abundance of positive reviews.  


Promote on social media

Social media platforms offer a plethora of outlets to showcase your product launch marketing! Based on your target audience, pick a platform that will be most effective, and begin promoting your product’s launch. The goal of promoting your launch is to create a buzz for the launch date! Incorporating a countdown timer for your launch date helps build anticipation. Make sure that you share content with your visitors each day before your launch to help build the hype around your product. 


Nurture leads with email campaigns

After capturing leads from your landing page, you want to keep the momentum of your new product launch strategy going with your potential clients and increase the intent to purchase. Setting up an initial thank you or welcome message autoresponder adds a personal touch to your sign up process. Facilitating an email sequence can assist in keeping interests high and help prospective customers move through your sales funnel. 

Product launches are beasts! They require many moving parts simultaneously to optimize your launch strategy to its fullest potential. With the timely application of digital marketing and the resources available, you can experience victory! If you need more assistance, contact a product marketing agency, like The LaunchPad Agency, today to see how we can help. Take the time to learn what it takes to blast to success, and watch your product thrive in the marketplace! 


Hire an experienced digital marketing agency like LaunchPad

The LaunchPad Agency provides a variety of specialized new product launch marketing services for products, apps, games, and more into the U.S market with customized, integrated PR and digital marketing campaigns designed to exceed your goals and drive sales. 

Our strong background in PR, product marketing strategy, deep media relationships, and commitment to great storytelling will position you for success. 90% of all new product launches fail. Don’t be a statistic, contact us today and let us be your launchpad to success! 


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