AI-Enhanced Public Relations: How The LaunchPad Agency Enhances Campaigns with Intelligent Relations

It’s safe to say that AI isn’t going anywhere, and the field is rapidly evolving. The LaunchPad Agency is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology that fuels the rapid growth of businesses. We have employed the latest cutting-edge tool, Intelligent Relations, to revolutionize public relations campaigns for our clients. Intelligent Relations, through its […]

Blast off with Confidence: Your Ultimate Guide to Launching New Products into the Market for 2024

Introducing a fresh product to the world is a nail-biting adventure for any business. The key to its success? Timing and preparation, of course! In this post, we’ll peel back the curtain on the essential factors and tactics you need to determine when and how to launch a new product with a bang. Crush Your […]

Sales Funnel

eCommerce Sales Funnel: The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your eStore For Lead Generation, Engagement & Conversions

eCommerce sales funnel is an illustration of a users’ path from the moment they land on your eCommerce page to the point where they convert, i.e. perform the desired action…

Kickstarter Advertising

Kickstarter Advertising: Why Does Your Project Need Promotion

Kickstarter is a fantastic platform to generate awareness and raise funds for your projects. However, you aren’t the only fish in the aquarium. Founded in 2009, the crowdfunding platform has launched over 500,000 projects and received pledges worth around $5 billion. Still, many projects fail to reach potential donors. The Launchpad Agency explains the importance […]

Online Advertising: Tips and Strategies

Online advertising can be a daunting task. What does a successful ad look like? How do you analyze the effectiveness of your ad campaigns? What are some key performance indicators? We teamed up with Aphrodite, a revenue analytics software company, to help you understand the numbers a little better and show you the fundamentals of […]

new product launch

Marketing Do’s and Don’ts For Your New Product Launch

Given that 90% of product launches fail, it goes without saying that there is an art to developing a new product launch strategy. At The LaunchPad Agency, sometimes clients come to us after they have made mistakes with their product launches to help get their campaigns back on the right path. As a top-rated product marketing agency, our team develops a product launch strategy specifically designed around our client’s needs. Here are some of our tried and true do’s and don’ts of product launch marketing. 

90% of New Product Launches Fail. Learn These Tricks to Catapult you to Success.

So you’ve created your world-changing product…now what? Many startups expect success overnight, which can lead to the downfall of many new product launches. At The LaunchPad Agency, we have launched hundreds of campaigns over the years and have developed battle-tested strategies and tactics that skyrocket our clients to success! Here are some need-to-know tips on launching a new product, game, platform, or mobile app. 

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