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When I helped found The Launchpad Agency we had had a vision. We knew that we had picked out an absolutely amazing team of professionals to join us. We knew that our own drive towards helping others achieve their startup, business, and crowdfunding goals was all we could think about and all we wanted to do. We knew that others that shared that same enthusiasm for success would be drawn to us. What we didn’t know was the extent of just how vast and utterly inspiring our community would turn out to be.


Does this sound cheesy? Maybe a little, but it’s the honest truth. It’s been an exciting journey working with so many fantastic clients and like-minded individuals who share the same passion to just get…things…done.


However, we noticed a common thread as we went along. A lot of people had the very same questions for us.  We found that many in our community often came to us to ask for the same pieces of advice or to explain why and how we do what we do.


Because of these experiences we decided that the best way to reach our community was to go ahead and start a blog. Our goal is to demystify the digital marketing and crowdfunding process, offer tips and inspiration, as well keep you advised on all the news going on at The Launchpad Agency.


We heard you. We’re here to connect.  Let’s do this.


Much Thanks,


Sean Angus

President & Co- Founder of The Launchpad Agency






The only question is: How high do you want to soar?

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