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Kickstarter Advertising: Why Does Your Project Need Promotion

Kickstarter is a fantastic platform to generate awareness and raise funds for your projects. However, you aren’t the only fish in the aquarium. Founded in 2009, the crowdfunding platform has launched over 500,000 projects and received pledges worth around $5 billion. Still, many projects fail to reach potential donors. The Launchpad Agency explains the importance of a Kickstarter advertising strategy and tells ways to promote a campaign.

Why Do Some Kickstarter Campaigns Succeed and Others Fail

Some Kickstarter campaigns reach their funding targets, while others struggle to receive the first donation. It is due to price and advertising. An effective marketing strategy includes 4 Ps:

A product or an idea is the core point of a campaign. It needs to be presented well. To get noticed on Kickstarter, a project must be clearly defined. It must have a clear goal. An open-ended project or one that requires maintenance lacks the ability to lure donors.

The Launchpad Agency, an experienced Kickstarter marketing agency, suggests you create an initial video for the campaign. It should be filled with high-quality content that reflects your goals and tells how you have planned to fulfill them. 

Continuing with the other Ps of marketing, price is an element you can go creative with. You can give gifts to donors who offer a decent amount to your campaign.

Three Reasons Your Campaign Needs Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for Promotion

Projects need aggressive promotion to reach potential backers and convince them to donate. The Launchpad Agency is a leading Kickstarter expert in campaign promotion and here are a couple of suggestions you should think about before starting a campaign:

How much money do you require for your project? What should be the minimum amount of funding? How long should a campaign run? Is there a similar project, and how much money did it raise? 

A Kickstarter marketing agency helps in initial research to set realistic goals for your campaign, which also include understanding donors’ expectations,

It is essential to spread the news of your upcoming launch. We suggest you build a landing page, which can help get email addresses. If you already have a website, add a banner to its homepage with a call to action to provide more information about the upcoming launch. Through these emails, you can educate readers about your product and tell them how it can be useful to them. 

A marketing agency can also help promote your product launch on different sites to grab the attention of potential investors.

A key factor in a successful campaign is active participation. Your potential investors may have many questions about the product. Prompt answers show that you really care about the campaign and people who wish to be a part of it. Promptness also encourages investors to put their money into your project. 


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