Social Media for Public Relations

Leveraging Social Media for Public Relations – Tips and Best Practices

While the concept of social media marketing dates back well over a decade, it will continue to be a powerful tool in the years ahead.

This is no more true than in the field of public relations. 

In this article, we’ll briefly lay out a few ways you can leverage social media for public relations.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all about using personalities to build your brand.

By partnering with relevant social media celebrities on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, you can reach younger audiences. These audiences are highly receptive to the recommendations of the celebrities they follow.

By incorporating influencer marketing into your public relations strategy, you can increase awareness of your brand among a wider audience, build credibility, develop leads, and drive sales.

Build Personal Relationships

One way to use social media for public relations is to build a personal relationship with your customers. People on social media tend to give their views more freely, making it an excellent way to address concerns, see how people are using your product, or simply thank them for their business. 

Have a conversation with your customers! Respond to their comments and concerns using language which feels personal and empathetic. This very personal form of public relations makes your customers feel valued, which in turn increases their emotional investment in your brand.

By doing this, you’ll build stronger brand loyalty, address potential issues, create more credibility and trust, and collect market research at the same time.

Share Valuable Content 

Some brands are notable for how they use social media to share content their customers find valuable. For example, during the pandemic, Airbnb posted well-shot, enticing photos of its holdings on Twitter, inviting followers to pick the one they’d most like as a work-from-home office. This drove customer engagement and kept the brand relevant.

Back in 2015, Apple has distinguished itself in its use of social media for public relations to promote the iPhone 6’s camera. Beautiful photos shot using the iPhone 6’s camera are shared on Instagram. The campaign invites followers to submit their own photos with the hashtag, #ShotOniPhone. Not only does this public relations campaign promote the iPhone’s camera, it helps reinforce Apple’s reputation as the brand of choice for young creatives.

Social Proof

What is social media if not a way to rapidly leverage social proof? The best way to do this is via third party validation. This validation can help enhance a brand’s credibility, foster trust, and increase the likelihood of engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty. We here at Launchpad have seen ROAS triple when sharing the product review from a trusted and credible source. 


In conclusion, social media remains a powerful tool in the field of public relations. Influencer marketing, building personal relationships with customers, sharing valuable content, and creating social proof are all effective ways to leverage social media for public relations. By using social media in these ways for your public relations, you can help separate your brand from the pack. 


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