Launching New Products into the Market: The LaunchPad Agency’s Proven Strategy for Creating Highly Effective Launch Campaigns

Launching a new product can make or break a startup. In today’s competitive marketplace, the pressures of a product launch are immense, with most startups failing within four years. At The LaunchPad Agency, we specialize in navigating these challenges, tailoring integrated launch campaigns that successfully introduce a diverse range of products—from apps and games to platforms and more—into the market. Our strategic approach helps position your offering optimally, create buzz, and acquire users, maximizing the impact of your launch so your product can defy the odds.

The LaunchPad Agency’s Comprehensive Launch Process

Pre-Launch Planning

Planning before a launch is key to establishing a solid strategy as it lays the groundwork for a successful product launch. This preparation enables you to anticipate obstacles, set a timeline, allocate resources efficiently, and define clear goals and objectives. A carefully executed pre-launch strategy is the cornerstone of a triumphant launch. These are the proven steps we take with every client during the pre-launch planning phase.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing phase takes our pre-launch plans, and puts them to flight. It harnesses the power of social media, email campaigns, and online advertising to reach target audiences far and wide. The digital marketing phase breathes life into the pre-launch plan, and ensures that the message resonates with the right audience, driving engagement and anticipation for the upcoming launch. These are the proven steps we take with every client during the digital marketing phase.

Media & Influencer Relations

Case Study: Unveiling InfinaCore’s Pandora Portable Power (P3)


InfinaCore faced the challenge of introducing their flagship product, the Pandora Portable Power (P3) – a distinctive portable charger with wireless charging capabilities for smartphones and tablets. The aim was not only to launch the product but also to establish their brand in the market.


Our approach focused on creating compelling visual assets to narrate the product’s functionality and value. These assets were utilized in advertisements and social media, complemented by PR initiatives to secure crucial third-party endorsements, elevating conversions and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in a three-pronged strategy.

Implementation and Strategies


The campaign yielded significant success, garnering substantial media coverage from renowned outlets like CNET, iMore, and BGR, among others. The favorable press coverage, combined with strategically placed ads, resulted in a strong sales launch. Notably, an ad featuring social proof from CNET consistently achieved a 7X ROAS, underscoring the efficacy of our integrated approach. Find the complete case study here.

Key Takeaway

With the right strategy and marketing collaborator, the launch of a new product can lead to unparalleled triumph. Count on The LaunchPad Agency’s expertise in new product introductions to propel your sales. Through our comprehensive, tailored strategy, your new product will not just enter the market but flourish, realizing its full potential for success. Let us guide you in transforming today’s market obstacles into tomorrow’s opportunities. Schedule a complimentary consultation call with us today.



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