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The LaunchPad Agency Ranked as a Top Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Our dedicated team of expert marketeers has earned the ranking as a top marketing agency in Los Angeles! Our commitment to launching our clients to succeed in the marketplace has allowed us to earn a top spot in the industry and continue to develop custom strategies that drive results.

What do we do?

We offer a wide range of services for startups and established businesses launching products, platforms, games, apps, and services into the marketplace.

  • End-to-End Digital Solutions – Designed to deliver results. We take the time to fully understand your brand and target audiences. Then we drive customer acquisition via multi-channel, content-centric campaigns that engage and grow your customer base.
  • Public Relations – We leverage our solid PR experience to craft relevant messaging to tell your story in more immediate and relevant ways. Our goal is to proactively secure coverage by the media, as well as key influencers, to drive engagement with those you wish to connect with.
  • Social Media Marketing – Our 360° approach to social media ensures all aspects of a campaign are covered, including strategy, analytics, content, engagement, and ad generation and deployment. Based on your specific objectives, we develop custom solutions that work to expand your audience, increase brand visibility, improve engagement, and generate a higher level of conversions.
  • Crowdfunding – In a crowdfunding industry that has an average failure rate of over 80%, our 4-Phased Approach will give you THE best chance of success on Kickstarter advertising or Indiegogo.
  • Product Marketing – We specialize in launching new products, apps, games, and more into the marketplace. Our customized integrated campaigns are designed to strategically introduce our client’s new products launch and accelerate sales.

Why Choose The LaunchPad Agency?

Our integrated approach strategically blends the perfect mix of PR, digital marketing, and social media activities to exceed your goals and deliver results. Content is king and video is the king of that content. Our design, photography, and video team will take the time to understand your customer avatars and create custom-branded assets that will pique interest and create action. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that happy customers voice their experience with your brand in a loud and active way, helping to secure future customers with progressive ease.

Our highly experienced PR team will leverage their knowledge, connections, and media relationships to help establish our clients as industry thought leaders and recognized as a go-to authority in their field. Plus, our fluency across social media platforms and pulse on cultural trends positions us to greatly expand the current reach of your social presence. We offer proven success in launching and growing brands helps us to develop effective marketing strategies that increase business development well into a company’s lifecycle. We often work with our clients from brand infancy well into maturation, advising from launch to exit.

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