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Launching Success in the Gaming Industry

The LaunchPad Agency continues to deliver campaign after campaign. We have engaged with them for 5 gaming product launches now and their media coverage really helped grow our brand awareness and sales a lot. I highly recommend LaunchPad!

Sophia Lynn



ExtremeRate Limited, an up and coming player in the gaming industry, sought to make waves in the fiercely competitive gaming peripheral market with four cutting-edge products: the HexGaming HEX RIVAL, HEX RIVAL PRO, Ultimate and Phantom controllers, alongside their PlayVital brand of premium gaming accessories. To achieve this ambitious goal, ExtremeRate Limited partnered with The LaunchPad Agency, a seasoned marketing and media relations firm with a track record of launching products into the spotlight. Through creative product storytelling, an assertive PR campaign and extensive product review initiative, we successfully enhanced brand recognition and established each of the products as a leader in the gaming industry.


Execution and Tactics

The public relations campaign achieved coverage in over 350 articles, facilitated by The LaunchPad Agency’s deep media connections. HexGaming controllers were prominently featured in leading publications such as IGN, GameSpot, GamesRadar, The Gamer, Game Revolution, Nerd Reactor and Dot Esports.. And they earned placement in premium gift guides, and the HEX RIVAL PRO was selected as the “best PS5 controller” by gamers, featured in top PS5 accessory rundowns, and more.

With an abundance of product samples available to the media, we launched an aggressive product review program, confident in each of the product’s ability to make a lasting impression. Securing third-party product validation was a significant milestone, enabling the client to leverage it in their advertising campaigns, thereby substantially boosting conversion rates.



Our press outreach resulted in remarkable coverage across over 350 articles, generating an overwhelmingly positive response. It became evident that consumers were highly receptive to the media exposure, resulting in a significant upswing in HexGaming and PlayVital sales. Through strategic planning, targeted media outreach and community engagement, the launch became a testament to the effectiveness of a well-executed PR campaign in the competitive gaming landscape.

The collaborative efforts between ExtremeRate Limited and The LaunchPad Agency yielded impressive results:

Community Building: The brand successfully established a strong presence within gaming communities, fostering a dedicated fan base.

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