Massive Pre-Marketing Success Helps Campaign for World's First "Floating" Backpack Get Fully Funded on Day 1!

“LaunchPad went above and beyond the call of duty, not only in guiding us through the development of HoverGlide, but also in delivering the awareness we needed to have success in our campaign and for the long term.”

Dr. Lawrence Rome PhD



In early 2018, Lightning Packs engaged with LaunchPad to create and execute a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final development of HoverGlide, the world’s first “floating” backpack. The campaign, however, did not launch until the fall of 2018, and here’s how LaunchPad helped Lightning Packs skyrocket to success despite lengthy delays.



In order to break through and become a topic of national discussion, The LaunchPad Agency worked to build HoverGlide’s brand profile and reputation, first in its pre-marketing efforts, and second, with a variety of relevant media and influencers.  Each element of the campaign (media, digital, influencer and social) was designed to outline and highlight HoverGlide’s advantages and unique attributes via engaging content.  Our videos and press materials provided a fun and “real world” description of the pack’s benefits and value for customers.

However, midway through engagement, the campaign encountered some hiccups, including delays relating to actual product design and color choices, brand identity, product naming, etc.  Despite these delays, LaunchPad “stayed the course,” helping conduct research on product naming (yes, we came up with “HoverGlide”) and product design/color choices.  Ultimately, our commitment to the client took us all the way through to a highly successful campaign.

Execution and Tactics

After our initial preparation, which included messaging and storyline development, content creation (video and photos), and the development of needed marketing materials, we launched a pre-marketing campaign to build, educate and energize a fan base for Lightning Packs. Utilizing a customized landing page on our proprietary pre-marketing platform, Blast-Off, online ads and a gamification campaign to provide a “viral” lift, we built Lightning Packs, within just 30 days, an email list of 38,000 socially engaged fans prior to their campaign launch.

At LaunchPad, we believe that content is king and video is king of the content. We knew it was critical to the campaign’s success to create fun and compelling videos showcasing how the pack works, the different styles, and the pack’s overall functionality.   We launched the campaign’s social video in key social channels along with multiple top PR outlets.

The media relations campaign focused on print, television, radio and online, with key focus on the top media influencers that can “drive the conversation” and influence additional outlets to provide coverage.  In addition, customized pitches were developed for a wide range of vertical audiences including technology, travel, outdoors, men’s interest, women’s interest, design, pop culture, business and lifestyle.



The HoverGlide campaign was a HUGE success, fully funding on the first day.  And, because of our pre-marketing efforts, social capital accounted for $142K in sales at a 10X ROI.  By driving over 158,690 page views to the campaign page, we helped Lightning Packs garner 511 backers and raise 328% of their funding goal.  The social PR video we created for the HoverGlide campaign went viral with 80 million views, 500K Likes, 200K Comments, and over 600K shares.

On the media front, LaunchPad did not have access to any prototypes for members of the press to experience and review.  Because of this, creative video content was developed so as to capture the imagination of the public.   This content was shared with media, and because a “floating” backpack was so unique, we knew the content created would allow consumers to “see” the pack in action.  Because of this, LaunchPad was able to garner over 200+ media hits, including coverage on key outlets like Engadget, Thrillist, NowThisFuture, CNN, Cheddar, CNET and The Daily Mail to name a few.


Funding Goal $75,000 / Amount raised $280,342 / 374% funded!!



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