Highly targeted social ads with creative content drives funding over 600% of goal!

I was extremely impressed with how The LaunchPad Agency strategically planned and executed our campaign. Their personal touch, professionalism, industry knowledge and drive for success is truly impressive. And their creativity and content development is second to none. They are one of the main reason for all our success on IceBRKR. I highly recommend LaunchPad and look forward to working with them again!

Marco Collini

Founder of bONE. Tech and creator of the IceBRKR


In 2019, bONE Tech. engaged with Launchpad to create and execute a crowdfunding campaign to fund the first round of production of the IceBRKR, the world’s first smart ski goggles to use bone conduction technology. Here’s how LaunchPad helped bONE Tech. skyrocket to success.


In order to bring this revolutionary technology to the public’s attention, we worked to create buzz and build trust in the skiing and winter sports community first through a pre-marketing campaign and then by connecting with targeted media and assisting in an influencer campaign with a notable Italian skiing influencer.

The first challenge was to present the bone conduction technology in a palatable way so that it was easy to understand and the consumer could quickly see the benefits. Using stylized graphics, GIF animation, taped testimonials, and homemade videos of the functionality of the IceBRKR, we were able to connect with the winter sports community in a meaningful way.

Execution and Tactics

After our initial preparation including messaging, storyline development, content creation (video and photos) and other marketing materials, we created a custom-designed landing page to educate visitors on the product benefits and used social ads to drive traffic and capture emails with the goal of building a strong prelaunch fan base.

From the start of the pre-marketing campaign, we quickly gained interest from the skiing community for not only the new technology but also the look and feel of the product as a fashion item. The buzz on social media produced tons of positive comments and created excitement and conversation in the community, strengthening their social capital prior to launch.

With prelaunch buzz built up, we executed an integrated campaign launch with PR and digital marketing activities that engaged the target audiences in several channels with creative content that communicated the unique benefits of the IceBRKR to pique interest.


The campaign launched with a boom and we quickly exceeded 50% funding in the first 24 hours. As the campaign progressed, we created a lot of buzz and excitement in the ski community. However, we began to hear the same questions about the goggles. To address the comments from the community, we implemented a customer service effort to get the word out on social media and quickly making adjustments on the Kickstarter page. In addition, we took those questions and worked the answers into the ad creative so we proactive addressed any purchasing barriers which resulted in increased ad performance and ROAS.

The campaign itself ended strong with media creating a buzz in the ski community and social ads delivering a terrific ROAS of 7 to 1 which really drove up the funding in the final 2 weeks of the campaign.  In summary, a total of $204,897 raised in funding with over 1,000 backers.


Funding Goal $30,000 / Amount raised $204,897 / 604% funded!!



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