Powerstrap PAL

GPS & Extended Battery Strap for Pebble

"LaunchPad did an amazing job guiding us through all aspects of our crowdfunding effort. Their attention to detail, hands-on approach, strategic thinking and high-level execution were key. We would have failed without LaunchPad's help!"

David Yeung

CEO & Founder, Powerstrap


An engineer running his first campaign wanted a complete marketing solution for his Kickstarter campaign for a battery and GPS watch strap for the original Pebble watch. Halfway through the campaign, Pebble 2 was announced, essentially halting all funding and losing contributions for the campaign.


We originally set Pal up for success with strategic campaign creation and management, aggressive public relations, targeted digital marketing and social media and influencer marketing. Our strategy shifted once the new Pebble was announced – We needed to win back funders as well as continue to appeal to the early adopters of the Pebble 2 watch.

Execution and Tactics

Once the “wrench” was thrown in mid-campaign, we worked very closely with the campaigner to amend offerings and support with non-traditional outreach. Our goal then switched to gain back those who had left, reassure those who were still funders and excite new ones.

We worked very closely with the campaigner at all hours to get solutions finalized and communicated as quickly and as accurately as possible. We rallied to update the campaign page and create additional perks that worked with both the Pebble and Pebble 2 watches.  We also created appealing stretch goals and pivoted overall communication strategy and tactics to seamlessly continue the campaign with as little disruption as possible to the external funder. Our communication increased via the campaign page to reassure backers that had already purchased.  We also teased about additional offerings to “stop the bleeding.”

We leaned into the conflict further and reached out to Pebble directly to discuss the situation. We were able to secure cross promotion posts on their very successful Kickstarter campaign and social media, getting the most important messaging out to the people most willing to hear it.  Their reassurance turned the tide and a number of backers made their way back into the Pal campaign!


We were able to not only save the Pal Kickstarter campaign, but it surpassed it’s funding goal! We were also able to successfully secure lots of media coverage with key media including CNET, Engadget, Digital Trends, The Verge, PC Magazine, SlashGear, Toms Guide, Yahoo! and more.

Funding Goal $80,000  / Amount raised $124,161  / 155% funded!!

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