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David Akerman

Founder of WonderSpray


The WonderSpray was a new and innovative take on the bidet but faced the challenge of presenting the product while combating stereotypes of bidets to an American audience.


Knowing that WonderSpray didn’t already have a clear demand in the U.S. market, we decided that we had to educate and engage potential users with a fun approach that was easy to interact with.  

Right from the start we knew content would be the key to success on this campaign. And through our team brainstorming sessions, we developed ad concepts with light hearted humor and designed creative images that captured people’s attention.

Execution and Tactics

From our key message development, we positioned WonderSpray as a “butt shower” rather than a “bidet” to make it more palatable to an American audience. Once the key messaging was finalized, we moved forward into content development starting first with the landing page and then the social ad creatives and copy.

During our pre-marketing phase, we curated an engaged (and delighted audience) both via our Hot-NewTech platform and on social media. We were able to get tons of hard data during this phase that confirmed the best creatives and messages to set us up for a successful campaign launch on Kickstarter. Once we built the community, we deployed a strategic email marketing campaign to create excitement around the product leading up to the big launch.

With social capital built up and fans eagerly awaiting, the Kickstarter campaign was launched with success right from the start and exceeded the funding goal in the first 24 hours. Social advertising played a big part in driving the funding consistently throughout the campaign with our Facebook Ad campaigns going viral garnering thousands of likes and comments.


Our efforts paid off and the WonderSpray was a huge success. Not only did it exceed its funding goal in the first 24 hours, but it also reached 1351% funding by the end of the campaign. 

Following the lead of the consumers who interacted with us, we also worked with the client to create fun, homemade videos of the WonderSpray in action, which proved to be a great draw for consumers, as well as really fun for everyone on the team. 

Users understood the playful nature of the product and the videos we had curated went a long way to dispel any concerns that they might have had. At the end of the day, we were able to prove that not only was WonderSpray fully functional, it was something that they didn’t even realize that they needed. 

The campaign finished strong with $337,677 total raised with Facebook ad campaigns leading the way by delivering an overall 4x ROAS. After the success of their Kickstarter campaign, the client is now set up for long-term success and preparing to go-to-market this year.

Funding Goal $25,000 / Amount raised $337,677 / 1351% funded!!

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