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A Leading Agency for Crowdfunding Advertising and Digital Marketing

The LaunchPad Agency is a top-rated crowdfunding agency that boasts an impressive 92% crowdfunding success rate and over 250 million views of our client’s campaign videos.

We provide the 360-degrees of services needed to successfully launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Wefunder, StartEngine, Dealmaker, etc… Our proven formula for success features a strategic, four-phased approach along with an integrated campaign launch blending online advertising, social media, PR and digital marketing together to skyrocket our clients to infinity and beyond. We are the experts you need to deliver success.

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92% Success Rate!

We know how to drive massive, relevant traffic to your crowdfunding campaign page that ultimately converts into backers.  Our creative, customized and integrated digital marketing campaigns work – we have a 92% success rate on Kickstarter and Indiegogo!



Indiegogo Experts Directory Recommended Agency

We are an Indiegogo-approved full-service agency and are featured in their highly exclusive Experts Directory, where companies listed (only 5!) have been thoroughly vetted and come highly recommended by campaigners and Indiegogo staff. 



We Know What It Takes To Succeed!

In a crowdfunding industry that has an average failure rate of over 80%, our 4-Phased Approach will give you THE best chance of success on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Wefunder or any platform.




Fantastic quality marketing agency! LaunchPad does a great job at focusing on the small details that can really make or break your marketing or crowdfunding campaign. Highly recommend!

David Akerman Inventor of WonderSpray

“LaunchPad’s integrated methodology proved to be the difference in the success of our crowdfunding efforts. Working with the LaunchPad team was a blessing – they delivered an unparalleled return on investment and is the best marketing dollars we have ever spent.”

Itamar Jobani CEO & Founder, OwnPhones

“LaunchPad executed an unbelievable viral campaign by getting us MASSIVE media coverage and delivering THE perfect mix of digital and influencer marketing. On top of that, our campaign video went viral with over 95 million views, 1.4 million shares, 180K comments and 575K likes on Facebook. We are in awe!”

Kevin O’Donnell CEO & Founder, Modobag

“I’ve run a number of different campaigns over the years, from simple product launches to massive go-to-market efforts.  Because of this, I’ve worked with a few different agencies, however none of them have come close to delivering the integrated campaigns and great results I was hoping for…LaunchPad is truly one of the best at this and I highly recommend them.”

Adam Anderson CEO & Founder, cnct

Our 4 Phased Approach to Crowdfunding

Our fully managed crowdfunding campaigns feature a strategic, four-phased approach starting with messaging development and material preparation, then moving into your social capital build via our Blast-Off Pre-Marketing Program, and capping it off with a strategically customized launch program designed to exceed your funding goals. Once the dust settles and you are successfully funded, we provide all the post-campaign services needed to launch your product into the market HERE.



Phase 1 (30 days) is our preparatory period in which we will help you develop a strategic campaign launch plan designed for Kickstarter/Indiegogo, define messages for target audiences and help guide the development of the needed campaign materials that will resonate with target audiences and pique backer interest.



  • Campaign preparation and planning
  • Product messaging and storyline
  • Campaign page development
  • Rewards and copywriting
  • Video scripting and production
  • Research and define target audiences

Phase 2 (30 days) is where we test and validate your product’s campaign success potential while building your social capital using our proprietary Blast-Off Pre-Marketing Program. This is an innovative, turnkey, fully integrated growth marketing solution designed to rapidly grow highly targeted email leads, drive awareness, fuel social buzz and mobilize an army of engaged fans that converts at a great ROI.



  • Fully integrated, turnkey solution
  • Landing page development
  • Creative ad content
  • Highly targeted Facebook advertising to deliver best ROI
  • Real-time campaign optimization
  • Testing and product validation
  • Community management and marketing
  • Campaign promotion through our Hot-NewTech community, including our massive email database and vibrant social channels

The #1 reason Crowdfunding Campaigns fail is LACK OF SOCIAL CAPITAL

Statistics from Kickstarter and Indiegogo have shown that failure to raise 30% of the Funding Goal in the first 2 days of a crowdfunding campaign results in a 65% failure rate. Our strategy is designed to achieve immediate funding momentum, enabling you to surpass the 30% mark within the needed time frame.

Phase 3 (30 days) We execute a strategically integrated plan of attack with digital marketing, online advertising and social media activities all working together to give you the best chance to exceed your funding goals. We have the in-depth marketing experience, industry best success rate and know what it takes to drive massive, relevant traffic to your campaign page. Our goal is YOUR success!



  • Campaign management
  • Email marketing
  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo Facebook advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Campaign promotion via our Hot-NewTech community
  • Backer community management
  • Ongoing campaign optimization
  • Reporting

Phase 4 (Post Funding) Now that you have successfully crowdfunded your project, what’s next? Many campaigners make the big mistake of focusing ONLY on production and nothing else. The LaunchPad Agency can help you take the next steps to successfully launch into the marketplace. We have the experience, knowledge and strategic partnerships to ensure you don’t become a startup statistic. Here are some of the post campaign services we offer:



  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Pre-sale/InDemand marketing and promotion
  • Retail sales channel development
  • eCommerce
  • Amazon marketing
  • User acquisition
  • Comprehensive launch campaigns
  • On-going PR and marketing activities

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WonderSpray – The Portable Butt Shower

Revolutionizing the bathroom experience one clean bum at a time.

Funds raised:


1351% Funded!

Graff Golf: The World’s First Smart Golf Ball

A smart golf ball + analytics platform that tracks your ball and analyzes your unique shot data.

Funds raised:


593% Funded!

Instafloss – The 10 Second Floss That Will Make You Smile

Instafloss is a multi-jet water flosser delivering an amazingly comfortable and effective flossing experience in only 10 seconds.

Funds raised:


4061% Funded!

The Peanut Butter Pump

Love peanut butter? Save time and say good-bye to the clean-up, with the ultimate kitchen tool for your favorite nut butters. So convenient, it makes all your snacks, smoothies and sandwiches easier than ever!

Funds raised:


663% Funded!

IceBRKR Ski Mask With Bone Conduction Audio

Safely enjoy Bluetooth MESH Intercom technology & state-of-the-art sound while hearing everything that goes on around you.

Funds raised:


604% Funded!

MOVE IT – Your Smart Mobile-Connected Personal Gym

Turn any 3x3m space into your own personal gym, with our app-connected smart fitness equipment.

Funds raised:


365% Funded!

QLIPP – The Ultimate Tennis Performance Sensor

Real-time stroke & video analysis provide deep insights into your speed, swing, ball spin and more.

Funds raised:


150% Funded!

iotty Smart Switch: Beautiful Smart Lighting

Enhance your decor with 7 modern interchangeable colors: Automate your lighting & match your style.

Funds raised:


200% Funded!

INKKAS: Footwear That Brings The World Together

Inkkas is a global footwear brand inspired by the patterns, prints & textiles of the world.

Funds raised:


385% Funded!

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

A mouse that scans and converts your printed text to Excel or Word document which is EDITABLE!

Funds raised:


376% Funded!

Tittle Light: The Captivating 3D LED Smart Lamp

An Interactive LED Light That Transforms Your Home with Captivating 3D Visualizations

Funds raised:


342% Funded!

Pal Strap – GPS & Extended Battery Strap For Pebble

Pal is a revolutionary GPS and battery extender smartstrap for Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time 2

Funds raised:


155% Funded!

VENTURE: The World’s Most Versatile Camera

The small all-in-one camera that you can wear, mount, conceal, and take on adventures.

Funds raised:


444% Funded!

igloohome Smart Padlock: Convenient Access Control

Grant remote access with innovative PIN code technology without needing an app to receive codes.

Funds raised:


295% Funded!

Storyball – The Award-Winning, Screen-Free Smart Toy

Children ages 4-10 can act out stories and enjoy games & challenges with characters from PAW Patrol and other favorites.

Funds raised:


453% Funded!

HoverGlide: World’s First Floating Backpack

Equipped with revolutionary Suspended Load Technology (SLT), HoverGlide greatly reduces the stress of the weight load on your back, neck, knees, and ankles as you walk or run.

Funds raised:


328% Funded!

Bento Stack for Apple Accessories

Introducing BENTO STACK - a compact, multi-compartment storage solution to efficiently hold over 10 Apple essentials in the palm of your hand!

Funds raised:


324% Funded!

intelliPLUG, The World’s Smallest SmartPlug!

Create An Affordable Smart Home With The Power To Control Lights, Appliances & Plug-in Devices!

Funds raised:


613% Funded!

Almond+: Long-Range Touchscreen WiFi Router + SmartHome Hub

Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3-minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.

Funds raised:


342% Funded!

LUNATIK Epik for Apple Watch

Transform your Apple Watch (42mm) into a ruggedly refined wearable companion.

Funds raised:


242% Funded!

OwnPhones: Wireless, Custom-Fit, 3D Printed Earbuds

The World's First 3D Printed Wireless Earbuds Custom Fitted to Your Ears and Perfectly Designed to Match Your Personality

Funds raised:


307% Funded!

1964 ADELE: World’s 1st Earphones that save your hearing & your music!

A legend in sound has done it again - ADEL is the world’s first and only RealLoud tech that makes music safer with amazingly better sound!

Funds raised:


324% Funded!

COOLBOX: The world’s smartest toolbox

Coolbox brought the classic toolbox into the 21st century. Tools have changed, why not the toolbox?

Funds raised:


636% Funded!

Spendwallet: No More Cards in Your Wallet

A cutting-edge smart wallet that digitally consolidates all your cards securely into one device.

Funds raised:


345% Funded!

Modobag: World’s First Motorized, Rideable Luggage

Modobag is changing the way the world travels! Featuring the latest in luggage design and advanced motorized technology, it’s luggage you can ride! Not only is it incredibly functional and efficient, it's fun!

Funds raised:


658% Funded!

Pebby: The World’s Most Advanced Robotic Pet Sitter

Pebby makes sure your pets are never alone at home. Track, monitor and play with your pet from anywhere in the world.

Funds raised:


1058% Funded!

Transboard: Foldable 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

The most advanced 3-wheel electric scooter for work, play or anywhere else you like to ride in style.

Funds raised:


390% Funded!

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