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Integrated Marketing + Engaging Digital Content

LaunchPad Los Angeles Digital Marketing

End-to-End Digital Solutions

Our end-to-end digital solutions are designed to deliver results. We take the time to fully understand your brand and target audiences. Then we drive customer acquisition via multi-channel, content-centric campaigns that engage and grow your customer base.

Pre-Launch Marketing

Pre-Marketing is critical for successfully launching your product, brand, service or crowdfunding campaign. Our proprietary Blast-Off Pre-Marketing Program is an innovative, turnkey, fully integrated, viral marketing solution designed for innovative startups to rapidly grow highly targeted email leads, drive awareness, fuel social buzz and mobilize an army of engaged fans that converts at a great ROI. Perfect for New Product Launches, Lead Generation, Product Presales, Mobile Games & App Launches, Growing Brand Awareness and much more. Learn more here.

We Deliver Results

LaunchPad’s integrated digital marketing campaigns target and activate precise demographics with rich content and engaging creative assets, yielding a high return on advertising dollars for our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to learn from and adapt quickly to data – both creatively and technically – optimizing campaigns in real time as they rollout.

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“LaunchPad executed an unbelievable viral campaign by getting us MASSIVE media coverage and delivering THE perfect mix of digital and influencer marketing. On top of that, our campaign video went viral with over 95 million views, 1.4 million shares, 180K comments and 575K likes on Facebook. We are in awe!”

Kevin O’Donnell CEO & Founder, Modobag


Marketing services

Brand Development

Launchpad works with its clients to ensure brand materials and messaging are positioned for high levels of consumer engagement and activation. This development - and at time, reevaluation - process is critical to maximizing return on dollar spend.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

LaunchPad’s Google certified team has a long track record of delivering conversions through both nuanced copy and content creation and methodical targeting.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

By assuming ownership of strategic keywords, LaunchPad enables its clients to claim attractive positions on search, leading to a widening of a given client’s sales funnel.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

LaunchPad uses Google analytics as a tool to evaluate advertising campaigns, optimize ads based on data insights, and report progress to its clients.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Our team creates gorgeous assets that excite client audiences and drive them to engage and purchase client products. From photography and video creation to blogging, traditional copywriting, and design work, Launchpad’s team has the ability to fulfil a client’s full range of creative needs.

Promotional Programs

Promotional Programs

LaunchPad often encourages its clients to run promotions, deals, and contests to help activate current customers and to attract prospective customers. These campaigns consistently increase reach and provide a high ROI.

Tradeshow Programs

Tradeshow Programs

LaunchPad has either had a direct presence or has set up a client presence at most large consumer product trade shows in the United States. Our agency’s ability to organize smooth product showcases and create attention for our clients, results in increased product interest and sales.

Market Research and Analysis

Market Research and Analysis

Competitive analysis is critical to LaunchPad’s success in creating innovative digital marketing campaigns. Before beginning any ad campaign, LaunchPad performs due diligence on the given market, becoming intimately familiar with competitive landscape.

Email Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

LaunchPad has a wealth of experience designing, writing, and launching email marketing campaigns with high open and conversion rates. We use the top email marketing tools and best practices to ensure successful campaigns for our clients.

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