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Launching a new product can make or break a startup. Within four years, most fail - the pressures of a new product launch in today's competitive marketplace are immense. That's why having the right launch strategy and marketing partner is critical to succeed.

Our company specializes in new product launches - successfully introducing companies, apps, games, platforms, and more into the market. We customize integrated launch campaigns designed to cut through the noise for our clients' new products or services.

Whether you're unveiling a disruptive SaaS platform or a mobile game with viral potential, our expertise in new product launches helps strategically position your offering, create buzz, and acquire users. We maximize your launch's impact so your new product can defy the odds.

Trust our experience in new product launches to skyrocket your sales. With the right launch pad, your new product can reach its full potential for success.”

The Industry Experts in Creating Highly Effective Launch Campaigns

Pre Launch Planning

  • Key Messaging
  • Launch Strategy and Plan
  • Essential Brand Media
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    Engaging Content Design

Digital Marketing

  • Online Advertising (PPC/SEM)
  • SEO Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Amazon Services
  • Analytics & Data Measurement

Media & Influencer Relations

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    Creative PR storytelling and Pitching
  • Strategic Influencer Marketing Engagement
  • Corporate Communications
  • Product Reviews
  • Thought Leadership
  • Event Management

90% of Product Launches Fail. Don’t be a statistic. Let us be your LaunchPad to success.

The Pandora Portable Power (P3) by InfinaCore

Infinacore is a startup company that produces a flagship product called the Pandora Portable Power, which is a high-capacity battery pack that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. They faced several challenges in bringing the P3 to market, including limited resources, a competitive landscape, and the need to build brand recognition. The company partnered with The Launchpad Agency, a leading PR and digital marketing agency, to help overcome these challenges and increase visibility and sales. Launchpad developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that included digital advertising, influencer outreach, social media marketing, and public relations. The strategy was highly effective, and Infinacore was able to achieve significant growth in a short period and position the company for long-term success.

See the P3 case study!

Our Integrated Strategies are Built for Success!

Pre-Launch Planning

Content Creation & Messaging

Digital Marketing & Brand Awareness

PR & Media Product Reviews

Campaign Launch & Management

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We implement a strategic approach that fuses PR, Digital Marketing, and Social Media together to exceed your goals and achieve impactful results. We bring a collaborative team of creatives with deep media relationships that will go to the effort of understanding your vision for your brand’s longevity and market awareness.

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