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Launching a New Product, App or Game?

We specialize in launching new products, apps, games and more into the marketplace. Our customized integrated campaigns are designed to strategically introduce our client’s new products and accelerate sales. Most startups fail as the stats show us. So that is why it is critical to have the right launch plan and execution along with the best marketing partner who knows what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive market.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing landscape and our team of experts is at the forefront of the industry. Our data-driven approach will deliver the results you need. And we have all your bases covered including online advertising (PPC), inbound/outbound marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content creation and everything else you need to succeed.


Pre-Launch Planning

We identify key target audiences and take the time to really develop product messaging that will resonate with your customers. From there, we’ll create all your essential marketing materials including branding, video, graphic, website and other assets to make sure we are effectively communicating key messages that will engage your target audience. Next, we develop a customized strategy designed to meet your strategic company goals, so that you launch with a boom and skyrocket towards your goals!


Media and Influencer Relations

Our PR and social media experts have the expertise and deep media connections you need to make sure the information about your product gets in front of the right news and entertainment outlets. Using a blend of traditional PR techniques and cutting-edge new media tactics, we are relentless in our pursuit of media coverage for our clients and making sure the right positive message gets out.


Retail Sales Channel Development

We set you up for long-term retail success with a customized strategy where we focus on “selling-in” (to retailers) and executing an aggressive program to “sell-through,” driving customers to stores to make purchases. We connect you with key sales channel partners who can get you in front of the buyers and set you up on key distribution channels. With guidance on the necessary sales collateral, packaging, and whatever else you need to succeed, we’ve got you covered on all sides of the retail process, making sure you’re ready to blast off.


“LaunchPad executed an unbelievable viral campaign by getting us MASSIVE media coverage and delivering THE perfect mix of digital and influencer marketing. On top of that, our campaign video went viral with over 95 million views, 1.4 million shares, 180K comments and 575K likes on Facebook. We are in awe!”

Kevin O’Donnell CEO & Founder, Modobag

“LaunchPad’s proactive approach, creative storytelling and solid relationships throughout the editorial community have, time and time again, garnered major media coverage for Unikrn. It’s not easy to land hits in the NY Times, Forbes, Wired, Kotaku, VICE, ESPN the Magazine, etc., but they have a knack for making it happen!”

Rahul Sood CEO & Co-Founder, Unikrn

“I’ve run a number of different campaigns over the years, from simple product launches to massive go-to-market efforts.  Because of this, I’ve worked with a few different agencies, however none of them have come close to delivering the integrated campaigns and great results I was hoping for…LaunchPad is truly one of the best at this and I highly recommend them.”

Adam Anderson CEO & Founder, cnct


Marketing services

Go-to-Market Strategic Planning

Digital Advertising

Sales Channel Preparation & Development

SEO Marketing

Public Relations

Press Materials and Storyline

Pre-Launch Marketing & Lead Generation

Content Creation

Content Development & Marketing

PR services

Online Advertising & Ecommerce

Trade Show and Conference Support

Media Tours, Trade Shows and Events

Social Media Services

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Email Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Market Growth Hacking and Expansion

Market Growth Hacking and Expansion

Brand Development

Brand Development



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