LaunchPad Social Media Marketing

Why Social?

Social media platforms allow brands not only to disseminate targeted information and ads more frequently, but also to help them connect with their customer base, gaining loyalty and building an engaged and apt audience.

Brand Engagement

Smart businesses make social media a key part of their marketing mix to provide a vehicle for consumers to engage, learn and take action. Consumers want to be entertained and enjoy engaging with brands and products that they love. In offering feedback about their experiences and sharing other valuable information, consumers assist brands in refining their messaging and ability to better customer service.

360° Approach

Our 360° approach to social media ensures all aspects of a campaign are covered, including strategy, analytics, content, engagement, and ad generation and deployment. Based on your specific objectives, we develop custom solutions that work to expand your audience, increase brand visibility, improve engagement, and generate a higher level of conversions.


Our services span the full gamut of social media platforms, and as they evolve, we adjust our tactics to reflect the most efficient ways to impact your consumer base.


Creation of Social Channels

LaunchPad will assess which social media channels are the most beneficial and create each page for you, based on your needs. Our main goal is to help connect you with where your audience “lives” and optimize your chances of effectively communicating with them, as well as creating more opportunities to gain new loyal fans.


Audit of Current Channels

LaunchPad will conduct a thorough audit of all existing social media accounts to determine what alterations to both style and management might lead to higher levels of audience growth, engagement, and conversion.

Branded Content Creation

We can help develop or use your existing creative to make platform-specific, branded imagery to fit into your campaign or overall social media needs.

Market Growth Hacking and Expansion

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Implementation

LaunchPad will - upon the request of the client - create, propose, and implement a social media marketing strategy tailored to the client’s current digital presence and future goals. All social media strategies focus on converting followers into repeat engagers or purchasers of the client’s product.

Brand Development


One of Launchpad’s core competencies is in creating and deploying strategic social media ad campaigns that convert users at historically lower-than-market cost. LaunchPad’s ad team represents some of the best creatives and technicians in the field.

Social Media Services

Community Management

LaunchPad community managers keep your audience entertained and engaged with compelling copy and content. In a manner similar to our ad campaigns, community management is executed with the purpose of conversion.

Influencer Marketing

Over the years, LaunchPad has built strong relationships with many of social media’s top influencers, and works with them on a consistent basis to lend both a face and a targeted reach to its client’s social media campaigns.

Contests and Promotions

LaunchPad likes to bolster campaign reach and effectiveness with both contests and promotions when appropriate. This type of audience engagement typically leads to high levels of engagement, specifically in the form of sharing, which in turn generates a high multiple on post reach.


Weekly reports, containing detailed evaluation of all relevant metrics, are delivered to the client with recommendations on campaign improvements and modifications. LaunchPad’s constant, critical evaluation allows it to continuously improve the results of its clients’ campaigns.

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